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As of December 31, 2012 all member funds and the associated General Partnership of Crystal Venture Funds have completed all partnership activities and have concluded operations.  This includes:


Crystal Internet Venture Fund II (BVI), L.P.

Crystal Internet Venture Fund II (BVI), Crystal Vision, L.P.

Crystal Venture II, Ltd.


All monies within these funds have been fully distributed to the Limited Partners per the Partnership Agreement.  We wish to thank all the individuals and institutions who made these funds possible.  We also wish to express our special appreciation to the funds’ Limited Partners and to the members of the various LP committees that helped guide and support the Funds’ operations.  Without your support and patience many of our portfolio companies might not have had the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Over the last 15 years Messrs. Tzeng and Kellogg jointly led these funds and the predecessor fund, Crystal Internet Venture Fund (BVI), L.P. (collectively the “Crystal Venture Funds”). During that time the Crystal Venture Funds helped grow dozens of companies that, in turn, have created thousands of jobs around the world.  Our goal has been to make monies for our Limited Partners by promoting effective technologies and new applications of those technologies to meet the needs of each firm’s clientele.  Investments have ranged from online content to cutting edge semiconductor technologies.  Areas of applications included bioinformatics, enterprise software, distributed storage systems, fixed and mobile communication technologies, and security.

Crystal Venture Funds participated in approximately 100 initial and follow-on fundings for our portfolio companies.  Crystal Venture Funds normally participated in the first institutional funding round for most of these companies.  We led or co-led about 50% of the initial funding rounds – striving always to create a syndicate of quality investors to assist our companies both financially and operationally.  Crystal Venture Funds invested in over thirty companies and took nine of these companies public.


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